What is Sensing?

Between each person in every space and in nearly every way a force is at work. It is not tangible, rather, it is the connective essence that ripples across space and time through our five senses. And, as a hairline fracture upon the spokes of an ever-changing chaotic mess of relative mass, the human race has come to define this energy through religions and philosophies with many languages and it is spoken as an old truth, timelessly relevant. This is Sensing. 
Not only a clothing and apparel brand, Sensing is a movement. A mere vestige of our day-to-day lives representing so much more than the ego and physical appearance we wish to protrude! But that’s the point! It is our very protrusions into our own lives and into others, whether actively or by mishap, that connects us. Sensing recognizes that, feels that, and brings that consciousness upon everyone as people are not drifters in a pool of the anonymous. Not a chance, no, people are a web of consciousness manifested in all the hears and sights and smells and touches, truly visioned in our sixth sense.
In Dallas, creator Jamie Tartarilla found this philosophy and wanted to make a brand that we can all recognize- that will make us aware of how we are all connected. He recognized this and designed a symbol of five points and a higher sixth point. The bottom five are the physical senses manifesting the sixth sense above.
Sensing as a streetwear applies to all genres of living. Whether you skate, dance, run, play sports, or even just chill on the couch with some homies, Sensing is for you. People are the fabric and every action resounds not only through one person but others in ways we can’t always conceive.

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